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Past Issues

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In this issue: BLM Gets Ready to Move West; Recreational Trails Program (RTP); Oceano Dunes State Park; FY2020/2021 Budget Agreement; Thank you and Farewell

In this issue: OHV Riding at Oceano Dunes State Park Threatened!; U.S. Forest Service NEPA Reform; Support Recreational Trails Program; Legislative Update on H.R. 1225 and H.R. 3195

In this issue: Transportation Infrastructure; Reform on Life Support; Recreation Funding on the Decline; DOI Reorganization in Trouble; New Recreation Opportunities, Lower Blackfoot River Region

In this issue: Bernhardt Confirmation; Land and Water Conservation Fund; Steens Mountain, Oregon; DOI Reorganization

In this issue: CRT Awards; Bernhardt Nomination; Secretarial Order on Recreational Access; FY 2020 Budget Submission

In this issue: Omnibus Public Lands Legislation, S. 47; David Bernhardt Nominated as Interior Secretary; Public Lands Maintenance Backlog; and RTP Transparency Act

In This Issue: Federal Government Shutdown; Good Works by the OHV Community; 116th Congress; and Omnibus Public Lands Legislation

In This Issue: Happy New Year!, Lame Duck Session, Public Lands Omnibus Bill,House of Representatives – Under New Management

In This Issue: Lame Duck Session; Omnibus Public Lands Bill, Changes in the President’s Cabinet; and 2019

In this Issue: Midterm Elections; Public Lands Legislation; Executive Appointments; and Lame-Duck Session

In This Issue: Fiscal Year 2019; Wildfires; Congressional Schedule; and Short Legislative Updates

In this issue: John McCain (1937-2018); Capitol Hill; NOHVCC National Conference; Fall Semester; and A Note of Gratitude.

In this issue: Summer; Maintenance Backlog; BLM to Head West; Interior Appropriations for FY 2019; and Outdoor Recreation Advisory Committee

In this Issue: Summer; California Off-Road Recreation and Conservation Act, H. R. 857; ARRA Federal Legislative Page; Forest Fires; and Family Times

In this issue: California Off-Road Recreation and Conservation Act; Rescission Package; FY 2019 Appropriations; Recreational Trails Program (RTP); and Summer Season.

In this issue: Secretarial Orders; R. 3400, Recreation Not Red Tape Act; and A Rollback in NPS Fees

In this issue: Need to Confirm CPSC Nominees; The Wildfire Fix; New Management at the Forest Service; Maintenance Backlog; and New Recreation Advisory Committee

In This Issue: Department of the Interior Reorganization 2.0; New Recreation Group in Town; CRT Awards; Federal Budget and ARRA Alerts

In this Issue: State of the Union, 2018; Continuing Resolution; Department of Interior Reorganization; Public Lands Updates

In this issue: Happy New Year!; BLM – Heading West?; Utah Part Two; and 2018.

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