Urge Your State Representative to Oppose Raid of OHV Fund

The action alert you are attempting to access is no longer active.

However, we would like to keep you apprised of how ARRA has been involved on this issue by providing the text of the original action alert that was sent to our members. If you have not already done so, please join ARRA to receive any updates on this issue that may occur as well as other important action alerts.

Original Action Alert:

The House has introduced its version of the 2018 New Mexico state budget (HB 131) which includes a provision to take $85,000 from the OHV Trail Safety Fund. Our friends at the New Mexico OHV Alliance have indicated that this $85,000 represents the last of the Fund’s money. While the Legislature has been successful in the past at raiding the Fund for other priorities, it is still important to make your voices heard and express opposition.

The Trail Safety Fund is fully funded by OHV registration and user fees. It is set up under a “user-pay, user-benefit” framework to be used primarily for OHV law enforcement, education and training, information system development and management, resource monitoring and protection, trail building, maintenance and restoration, and the implementation of other provisions of the Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Act (enacted in 2005).

This is tantamount to placing an additional tax on OHV users that provides no benefit to those who pay. Please urge your Representative to oppose this depletion of the Trail Safety Fund!

Click Take Action to send an email to urge your State Representative to oppose this provision and restore dedicated funding to the Trail Safety Fund!

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