Cinder Hills Off-Highway Vehicle Area Improvement Project ($220,000)

Coconino National Forest, Arizona

The project entails conducting survey and design work for trailhead amenities and boundary fencing where needed, developing a Special Recreation Permit management plan, conducting public involvement and partnership collaboration, and installing trailhead amenities and boundary fencing (especially between Sunset Crater – NPS site). Ultimately, the project objective is to have suitable amenities at the Cinder Hills off-highway vehicle area and designate it as a Special Recreation Permit site with a fair market entry fee to provide a sustainable funding source to support the operation, maintenance, and monitoring of recreation activities in this area.


Pipeline Off-Highway Vehicle Area Improvements ($200,000)

Tonto National Forest, Arizona

The Pipeline Off-Highway Vehicle Area on the Tonto National Forest has outstanding maintenance needs. Project work may include removing and replacing existing structures, developing an off-highway vehicle staging area with fence or rail to prohibit off-road travel but allow for off-loading of equipment, rehabilitating unauthorized routes, and installing signage and restroom buildings as needed.