Giant Sequoia National Monument-Ten Mile Road & Bridge Replacement ($4,250,000)

Sequoia National Forest, California

Ten Mile Road (FS 13S09) in the Hume Lake Recreation Area (HLRA) of the Giant Sequoia National Monument is a main arterial road that connects many privately owned recreation-related businesses, including the privately owned Hume Lake Christian Camps (which receive 1500 campers per week) to the lake and public lands.  Ten Mile Road accesses the HLRA from the Generals Highway via Sequoia National Park. Ten Mile Road also accesses an agency fire station, telecommunications towers, fire lookout, several iconic Giant Sequoia groves, private property, dispersed recreation, off-highway vehicle trails, winter recreation, and snow survey areas. The Forest Service is planning a new campground and RV dump station on the road, and increased traffic is anticipated. Ten Mile Road is in dire need of deferred maintenance work to accommodate high-volume recreational traffic and ensure public safety. The road, which is Maintenance Level 5 paved surface double, has sustained significant storm damage in recent years.

The Hume Lake Christian Camps is a cooperative funding partner in the project, which consists of bridge replacement, installation of traffic control devices, crack sealing, pothole patching, overlays, new asphalt segments, new signage, and centerline stripping. Overall, the road is deteriorating rapidly, and public safety is increasingly concerning to the agency. New signage and safety/parking devices are planned for the Powder Can Day Use area immediately adjacent to the road at the iconic and historical Hume Lake Dam, which is currently being nominated as a National Historic Landmark, which will be only one of such three places of such historic distinction in Region 5.


Lassen Forest-Wide Toilet Replacement ($530,000)

Lassen National Forest, California

Many of the vault and flush toilets were constructed decades ago and have exceeded their useful life. Project work replaces nine vault toilet buildings and repairs one flush toilet building. Vault toilets will be replaced at many sites, including the Battle Creek Campground and Ashpan Snowmobile trailhead. The Work will also include updated fixtures and plumbing at the Almanor Boat Launch flush restrooms and replacement of the wastewater system repair at the Battle Creek Campground.


M10 Road Patching and Paving for Easier Access to Recreation Sites ($2,580,000)

Mendocino National Forest, California

This project will fund 5.4 miles of patching and paving to repair on M10. This road provides access to Letts Lake Recreation Area, numerous summer homes, Summit Springs, Deafy Glade, and Dixie Glade trailheads, multiple campgrounds, and off-highway vehicle riding trails.


M10 Road Storm-Proofing for Safer Public Use ($570,000)

Mendocino National Forest, California

This project will complete 7.6 miles of storm-proofing, including riprap, rolling dips, and out-sloping. This road provides access to Bear Creek Campground, off-highway vehicle trails, and hunting areas.


Renovate Corral Canyon & Bobcat Meadow Off-Highway Vehicle Campgrounds ($235,000)

Cleveland National Forest, California

This project will place new picnic tables at each campsite within two campgrounds. This will significantly improve the visitor experience and provide the final amenity necessary to change the status of campgrounds to charge a more appropriate fee for use. The campgrounds serve the Corral Canyon/Bear Valley Off-Highway Vehicle Area, the extremely popular and only off-highway vehicle area in San Diego County.


Tri-Forest Snowmobile Area Parking Area Repairs ($165,000)

Klamath National Forest, California

This project reduces deferred maintenance at two regional snow park areas managed for over-snow vehicle recreation. Activities include: repair and repave Deer Mountain and Four Corners parking areas. Parking areas are part of the Tri-Forest Snowmobile Area, a system of parking areas and trails managed jointly with the Modoc, Shasta-Trinity, and Klamath national forests.


Upgrade Recreation Facilities at Wildomar Off-Highway Vehicle Area ($175,000)

Cleveland National Forest, California

This project will replace the aging bathroom facilities at Wildomar’s off-highway vehicle area. This project will improve the recreational visitor experience.