Bitterroot Trail Reconditioning and Drainage Repair ($300,000)

Bitterroot National Forest, Idaho and Montana

This two-year project addresses vital deferred maintenance needs across the Bitterroot National Forest trails system. Work will include improved drainage and structure repair, tread reconstruction, and brushing of trail corridors to maintain recreation access and improve the sustainability and safety of the trail system. Deferred maintenance tasks will occur inside and outside designated Wilderness areas, benefitting both motorized and non-motorized users.


Bonners Ferry Trail Reconstruction ($155,000)

Idaho Panhandle National Forest, Idaho

The Bonners Ferry Trail Reconstruction (Project #959) project addresses outstanding maintenance items on the Canyon Creek, Red Top, Bussard, Rutledge, and Grouse Mountain Trails. The trails provide recreation opportunities for hikers, stock users, mountain bikers, and motorbikes. Project work includes reconstructed trail tread, reroutes of steep trail segments suffering severe erosion, switchbacks reconstructed with turning radius appropriate to the mode of travel, etc.


Caribou-Targhee Forest Trails Maintenance ($450,000)

Caribou-Targhee National Forest, Idaho, and Montana

To enhance the visitor experience, improve access, and increase safety, this project will complete maintenance for year-round trails, trail bridges, trailheads, and signage in seven districts in the forest.  This project will reduce deferred maintenance on trails and trail bridges, OHV cattle guards, and improve trailhead access. Funds will be used to purchase trail maintenance equipment and supplies necessary to maintain trails to standard.


Jenkins Crossing (Trail Bridge) Replacement ($330,000)

Payette National Forest, Idaho

The Payette National Forest will reduce years of deferred maintenance by replacing the failed Jenkins Crossing trail bridge on a popular trail system to restore access for motorcycles, stock, and hikers.


Trail Stewardship Act Priority Area: Central Idaho Complex Deferred Maintenance ($1,231,617)

Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forest, Idaho and Montana

The Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forest has about 5,200 miles of trail, of which 5,000 are in the Central Idaho Complex Priority Area, a nationally selected priority area under the Trail Stewardship Act. This multi-year project will reduce deferred trail maintenance across the 4-million-acre forest through clearing and brushing, tread repair, drainage maintenance, and trail bridge replacements. Visitor access and experiences will be improved for motorized and non-motorized trails.