U.S. Trade Action Could Lead to Prohibitive Tariffs on Certain European Motorcycles

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Original Action Alert:

The U.S. Trade Representative is (Again) Considering Tariffs on Agricultural Products that Could Inappropriately Impact a Segment of Motorcycles Imported from Europe

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Smaller displacement mopeds and motorcycles from EU countries could be subjected to import duties that would raise costs to consumers, or, worse yet, potentially make it cost prohibitive for manufacturers to even import these motorcycles.   All of this is over a trade dispute involving the beef industry!  While clearly, motorcycles should not be caught up in this dispute – it has happened before.  In 1999 and 2008, lower-displacement European motorcycles were included in similar proposals, but each time motorcycles were not included on the final lists of products that were subject to increased tariffs.  This is because industry and consumers responded!  We need your help to make sure that motorcycles are once again excluded!

Take Action BEFORE January 30, 2017 to submit comments to the USTR!

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