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May 3, 2019

OHV rider, Samoa Dunes Recreation Area, California. Photo by Jeff Fontana, BLM. Bernhardt Confirmation The Senate confirmed the nomination of David Bernhardt to be the Secretary of the Department of the Interior on a vote of 56-41. Mr. Bernhardt had be …

April 2, 2019

ATV rider, Hackberry Lake OHV Area, New Mexico. CRT Awards! It’s that time of the year when we call upon all OHV enthusiasts to nominate their favorite OHV trail project to be considered to receive a Coalition for Recreational Trails Achievement Award. …

March 7, 2019

Young enthusiasts receive instructions nearby the protected wetlands at the Wambaw Cycle Trailhead in Huger, SC. Photo credit: USDA Forest Service and ATV Safety Institute. Omnibus Public Lands Legislation, S. 47 Well, the much talked about Omnibus Pub …

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Washington Newsletter – November 2017 Resources

The National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council

NOHVCC is a national body of OHV recreation enthusiasts that develops and provides a wide spectrum of programs, materials, and information to individuals, clubs, associations, and agencies in order to further a positive future for responsible OHV recreation.

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Recreational Trails Program

The Recreational Trails Program (RTP) is a Federal Highway Administration program. RTP funds come from the Federal Highway Trust Fund and are available to States to develop and maintain recreational trails and trail-related facilities for both non-motorized and motorized recreational trail uses. Each State administers its own program. You can contact your state RTP Administrator to find out what trail projects are being funded in your state and how to apply for project funding.

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About ARRA

Americans for Responsible Recreational Access (ARRA) was formed to ensure that Americans are not arbitrarily denied the right to responsibly experience and enjoy the public lands that belong to the citizens of the United States. The members of ARRA, which include horseback riders, personal watercraft users, off-highway vehicle and snowmobile riders, and vacationing families, have joined together to provide input on decisions regarding land use designation, recreation opportunities, and preservation. Its members seek responsible consideration of competing activities, which are based on sound environmental principles.

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